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On Group Cyber is the Australia, New Zealand, Philipinnes and Oceania partner for Agari.

Agari’s Email Trust Platform, deployed by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies, is the only solution that effectively stops phishing by identifying the true sender of emails.

Agari’s proprietary analytics engine and email telemetry network provides unparalleled visibility into more than 10 billion email messages per day across 3 billion mailboxes. 


This insight drives the company’s Trust Analytics machine learning engine, which uniquely enables enterprises to stop phishing attacks against their employees and customers.

Agari Enterprise Protect

Protect Your Employees from Spear Phishing Attacks with
Agari Enterprise Protect


Email continues to be the primary way cyber criminals infiltrate an enterprise. 90% of cyberattacks and data breaches involve spear phishing. 100% of spear phishing attacks involve identity deception.


Existing solutions are failing to protect organizations from targeted email attacks, spear phishing and business email compromise.

Blocking email based on content does not work for spear phishing attacks, you need to know the ‘true’ identity of an email’s sender. Agari Enterprise Protect takes a revolutionary new approach to identifying targeted email attacks with Agari Trust Analytics and works with your current cloud or on-premise email solutions.


Agari Enterprise Protect is the industry’s first email security solution that stops sophisticated spear phishing attacks that are evading current security tools. Stop targeted email attacks before they happen.

Agari Customer Protect

Your Brand Value And Your Business Is At Risk


Your customers expect you to protect them, and your association with an attack leads to brand damage.


Fraud and support costs are driven up while your customers’ engagement decreases, ultimately leading to customer abandonment which directly impacts revenue.

Stop Email Attacks from Exploiting Your Brand

Customer Protect empowers you to create a trusted email channel, ensuring that every email your customers receive saying it’s from you will actually be from you. Phishers are locked out.

Our team would be happy to help you understand your risk and what you can do to improve your security posture.
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