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Incident Response and Forensics

Incident response tactics and procedures have evolved rapidly over the past several years. Data breaches and intrusions are growing more complex.


Adversaries are no longer compromising one or two systems in your enterprise; they are compromising hundreds.


Your team can no longer afford antiquated incident response techniques that fail to properly identify compromised systems, provide ineffective containment of the breach, and ultimately fail to rapidly remediate the incident.


Solutions should help you determine:

  1. When the breach occurred

  2. How the breach occurred

  3. Compromised and affected systems

  4. What attackers took or changed

  5. Incident containment and remediation

Our Solutions

Fidelis Cybersecurity is creating a world where attackers have no place left to hide; reducing the time it takes to detect attacks and resolve security incidents.


You’ll know when you’re being attacked, you can retrace attackers’ footprints and prevent data theft at every stage of the attack lifecycle. 

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